Bodies, Bulldozers and Rockets

Yet again Hamas is firing rockets into Israel. Yet again the press will observe, report and move on to the next story. The current outbreak of violence is related to some IDF Colonel or General deciding to obtain the body of a Palestinian militant, probably to use as leverage for the securing of the bodies of IDF soldiers named Hadas and Goldin.

Using a bulldozer seems like a rather cold way of retrieving a body, until you consider insurgents booby trap them. Bodies I mean. There are retrieval and search techniques used by the US military to account for just such a threat. Using the bulldozer would protect the soldiers from the possibility of getting blown up and is not a profoundly unusual strategy.

Whoever made this decision figured Hamas would value the body of this militant highly, and judging from the reaction he was right. Or was he? Typically when peace plans are presented and the world gets the news that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is about to end; a group of militants launches an attack. There is also the upcoming Israeli elections to consider. Benjamin Netanyahu’s position as Prime Minister is threatened due to corruption charges. He cannot afford to appear weak at this point.

Hamas has been the group launching attacks to sabotage peace proposals since their rise to power. Having lost the elections to represent the Palestinians, they resorted to force to assert their dominance against the Palestinian Authority. Their assault failed in the West Bank but was successful in the Gaza Strip.

If a peace deal is ever reached with Israel, Hamas would cease to exist. Their raison d’etre is the destruction of Israel. The fanatics that support them and join their ranks believe this to be a divine struggle; jihad. The leadership would lose their positions of authority. The people might be living a rough life but Hamas leaders are not. They control all the food, medicine and weapons in the territory. They are healthy, happy, in charge and I assume have uninhibited access to anyone or anything they desire. Peace would bring the end to their coveted positions.

In all fairness, the Palestinian Authority doesn’t support the current proposal either. But the world is tiring of this conflict. They are beginning to realize no one any longer cares. After all the terrorist attacks and conflicts, no one expects anything more from the Palestinians. Used as an excuse by Islamist extremists throughout the middle east to conduct their attacks, the Palestinian conflict has become an annoyance. In danger of dying out and rightfully so. Being one of the proxy wars supported by the Theocracy in Iran has also contributed to their current loss of support. This is just another predictable and transparent attempt to stop a long overdue peace process.

Whoever made the decision to retrieve that body might need to re-evaluate. The action provides an excuse to Hamas to again try to sabotage the peace deal and garner international sympathy.