The Brain Drain

When the Roman Empire fell, or rather disintegrated into a Confederacy loosely held together by the Catholic Church, the advance of technology and science slowed to snail’s pace. The real advances, invention of the telescope, algebra, the concept of the empty set and etc developed in the Muslim world. Europeans gained access to these things, and chess, during the crusades.

The Roman aristocracy weren’t exceptionally bright. What they knew how to do was control people. Using rhetoric, grand spectacles of torture and sport, and building huge monuments to themselves, they imposed themselves and their world view on the masses. Public spectacles of torture they took with them into Catholicism after they adopted Christianity as their own. They could no longer stone women to death to program them, they tortured them and burnt them at the stake instead. Jesus and Mary Magdalene thing.

It’s not necessary to have great learning or the ability to use science in your empire if you can control the people who do. Architects to design imposing monuments, mathematicians, tacticians, philosophers (teaching dogma of course) are all people. Programming and controlling them is the way the Controllers have built empires.

There’s a larger picture here. Why is it that empires seem to dominate in singular fashion in history. The Babylonians rose to prominence and then the Egyptians. The empires existences overlap on the timeline but their golden ages didn’t. It’s as if the smart people moved from empire to empire along with the gods.

The answer is rather simple. The gods definitely left one empire and founded another, always with a new religion. Initially they were polytheistic ones, later monotheistic (hush protestants) but the brains were there with them. The reason is because they take those souls with them, along with their politicians, police and harems. They do this with holocausts and murder, it’s part of moving an empire.

Once an empire became difficult for them to continue to manage, they destroyed or weakened it behind them and moved their followers souls to a new locale to begin a new empire. They take as many smart people with them as they can.