Gun Control and A Blast From the Past


The giants did not like Vernon Howell, leader of the Branch Davidians. The reason is during the interim between the beating of Rodney King and the trial of the law enforcement perpetrators, Howell had taken up the call. The call? Passing the word in the 4th D (psychic world) the beating was a staged attempt to create a race war and subsequently a fascist styled declaration of martial law.

Sound crazy? Well no one said the perpetrators of these crimes were all that smart. He wasn’t the only one. The call originated in the Willamette Valley in Oregon, was repeated in a number of places, notably Boulder CO, Ruby Ridge ID, Waco TX and Santa Fe NM. I’m sure a number of older people remember. Like anything else, some know, some believe, some don’t.

During the time between the crime and the trial was calm. People were waiting for what would certainly be a conviction of the guilty officers. Congressman had watched the video of the beating and had decried the police brutality. Oddly enough a person with a video camera happened upon the scene and began filming. There were no cell phones, the odds of his being there at the right time were pretty low.

The trial ended up in acquittals. It was unbelievable the jury didn’t convict the officers, whatever possessed them? The results were violent protests in Los Angeles, CA and Atlanta, GA (Documentary here). No race war (a la Charles Manson) materialized. What did happen was the demonization of some groups of people by the mfs (the ones trying to start this “war:) and use it as an excuse to declare martial law, disarm the populace and make people disappear. Sound familiar? It is. These guys have been trying to create racial strife recently as well. They haven’t succeeded in getting a race war. Sounds like a crazy idea and sort of stupid. Didn’t say they were smart. “Behold a Pale Horse” by Milton Cooper describes the plot.

The giants blamed people like Koresh, Randy Weaver (Ruby Ridge) and others for not achieving their coveted holocaust. They don’t want to reincarnate with all those they’ve screwed still alive.


The siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco,TX began when ATF agents showed up to execute a search warrant. In the aftermath of the LA riots complaints had been made against the Davidians for child abuse and for possessing illegal weapons. Koresh had responded by informing the local Child Welfare organization and the ATF they could come to the compound at any time and he would allow them full access to the facilities and the people living there. The Child Welfare investigators took him up on the offer on a number of occasions and found no problems. The ATF had other plans.

The ATF affidavit stated their were illegal weapons at the compound and a methamphetamine lab. At the hearing no evidence of meth or a lab were presented; it wasn’t even mentioned. The Davidians ran a weapons dealer business called Mag-Bag. Several members had federal weapons licenses and their business was conducted within the confines of the law. During the hearings agents produced exactly one noticeably unburned, shiny new AK-47.

The affidavit, and the press, also had a lot of sexual allegations against the Davidians and Koresh in particular. This is a standard operating procedure of the giants. No allegations of sexual misconduct were ever proven. The investigation opened with a girl reading a prepared statement about a supposed sexual encounter with Koresh that was never collaborated or substantiated, but a great way to start a show.

The Davidians knew the ATF agents were coming. The ATF knew that the Davidians knew. They decided to execute the warrant anyway. On February 28, 1993 they attempted to raid the compound. Who fired first has not been officially determined but many believe it was the ATF. A firefight ensued that lasted about 45 minutes. When the ATF agents ran out of ammunition they asked for, and were granted, a cease fire from the Davidians so they could withdraw.


The FBI took charge of the situation and surrounded the compound until their raid on April 19th. During this time they used psychological warfare tactics to try to get the Davidians to surrender. They shined bright lights on the building at night, blasted loud music at all hours and hung BAs (bare asses) out of their vehicles at the religious occupants. In the end the the agents (former special forces operatives) used an ATV to puncture 4 holes in the building, one at each corner. Between the first puncture and the last, a man appeared in a gas mask on the top of the building with a molotov cocktail. He disappeared before the last hole was made by the ATV.

The building burned to the ground killing 76 men women and children. There were 9 survivors. Many of the deaths were consistent with cyanide poisoning. Others were found with gunshot wounds.


The ATF raid was planned during the presidency of George Bush Sr. It wasn’t executed until after Bill Clinton took office (Jan 20, 1993). Tricky huh? Bush appeared with Clinton when addressing the nation on the topic of the standoff. Several Bush advisors and personnel remained on staff to conduct the operation. His attorney general William Barr wrote the legal justification for the siege. General (then Colonel) William Boykin advised Janet Reno. The FBI hostage rescue team was headed by Richard Rodgers of Ruby RIdge fame. The current nominee to head the ATF David Chipman, who has notably made some false statements about the siege, was an agent involved in the affair. At the summary of the Congressional Hearing on Waco (1995) Senator Sonny Bono was in attendance. Senator Schumer announced there was no wrong doing on the part of the government. Bono decried the results and said “this is not over.”