Extra Special News Flash

Fromm, still calling himself Rommel and acting like the concerned father, helps hold down female while his Valkyries rape her. They are angry about the last post. Maybe they got into General Garrison’s head and gave him a screwed up plan. Maybe they played the part of a Djin and forewarned the militants in Mogadishu. Maybe both things are true.

Then again they are always angry, and holding hostages and raping them are what Controllers have always been about. They made a religion based on terrorism to help prevent people from appearing to be martyred by them. Then labelled suicide bombers, working for them as martyrs. Pretty slick right? Jesus screwed them up.

The Valkyries are still loyal to Fromm. He had them executed last time to save himself. Fromm was the real king of the Third Reich. Hitler may not have realized Fromm was the guy controlling him. If he had figured it out he might have executed him immediately. As it was Fromm was allowed to live another 9 months, still controlling the war, and able to rape his dead Valkyries so they would serve him this time.

Fromm, when called out on the rapes this morning, threatened to use a terrorist puppet to nuke Los Alamos. He was called some pretty funny names. Then he said it could be played off as a nuclear accident. It was pointed out by his son that there is no weapons grade nuclear material at the National Labs; they haven’t made bombs there in decades.

When they are committing the rapes they claim to be from the town they are in rather than Mordor where they actually live. This is the way they set up Soddom, Gomorrah and Gibeah. Now they help Fromm (that is Phil, not really Rommel) play Allah from the Caliphate of Fromm.