Focus Everyone, Focus

Above, sign flown by Russian expats in Vilnus, Lithuania

Matt Gaetz‘s single handed dissolution of the US House of Representative and terror attacks by Abu Marzook‘s Hamas have shifted the world’s attention away from Ukraine’s plight. The lack of interest in the war between Russia and Ukraine serves Vlad Putin‘s interests. Russia cannot win the conflict while Ukraine enjoys western support.

NATO is concerned that a Russian victory will bring pressure to bear on member states. Vlad’s adventurism has cost him dearly but he has, through his actions, willed NATO to be an enemy of the Russian Federation. The credibility of NATO and in particular the US is on the line.

The United States cannot afford to backstab her Western European allies support of Ukraine’s resistance to Russian aggression because of Matt Gaetz, Hamas and their gods.

Credibility deters enemies of free nations from acts of aggression. The lack of credibility resulting from a weak response to Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea is partially to blame for Putin’s attempt to take over Ukraine. He didn’t think anyone would come to Kyiv’s aid.

If NATO (including the US) is to exist in relative peace in the future, credibility as a cohesive force must persist. A message of strength and solidarity cannot be sent when malcontents sabotage half of the US legislative branch. A show of unity will not be presented if the US discontinues it’s financial support for Ukraine.

In this time of international strife it is necessary the major parties work together. The nation needs a Speaker of the House that can negotiate, compromise and communicate with both parties and the President. It would do neither party well to sabotage this election process, or use it to leverage petty inter-party squabbles.