Case Study 20

Kristina Soderbaum
Tylee Vallow

.On the left is Beata Margareta Kristina Söderbaum (5 September 1912 – 12 February 2001). Known as Kristina Soderbaum she was a German film actress, producer and photographer. She performed in German propaganda films during the Nazi reign. Usually she portrayed a pure German woman who’s purity was soon to be destroyed by rapist Jews.

She was ridiculed after the war and expressed regrets at having starred in the Nazi movies. She returned to films in 1951. After her husband died she became a photographer. She died in Lower Saxony, Germany in 2001.

On the right is the birth chart of Tylee Vallow (September 24, 2002 – c. September 9, 2019). She and her brother Joshua (case study 23) went missing in September of 2019. Their parents have been arrested in connection with the deaths as their remains were recently found on the parents’ property..

Looks like the fascist giants regained her soul…