Case Study 32

Christian Lous Lange

This is Christian Lous Lange (17 September 1869 – 11 December 1938). He was a Norwegian politician and historian. Lange won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1921 for his efforts for world peace in the aftermath of World War I. He was a delegate to the Second Hague Peace Conference and the League of Nations. He also was a member of the Central Organization for Durable Peace. He was also a contributing member of the Norwegian Association for Women’s Rights. His daughter, Thora Lange, died in Grini Concentration Camp. She was interred for her role in the Norwegian Resistance to the Nazi Occupation.

Samuel Little

This man is Samuel Little (June 7, 1940 – December 30, 2020). Little is a serial killer and rapist who has been tied by the FBI to 50 murders, and has confessed to over 90. He is considered the United States’ most prolific serial murderer. He was in and out of jail most of his life. In 2018 he confessed to, and provided details of, the murders to an FBI agent. He is another example of a peaceful man programed to be a killer between lifetimes.

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