Case Study 37

Mamie Eisenhower

This is the chart of First Lady Mamie Eisenhower (November 14, 1896 – November 1, 1979), wife of General and then President Dwight D Eisenhower. Mamie and Dwight were married when she was 19 ( he was 25) and lived the life of an Army wife. She moved with him to his many different duty stations. When she became the first lady she was noted for her clothing choices, being voted best dressed woman each year her husband was in office. She had an equilibrium problem, feeding rumors she was a heavy drinker.

Bobbi Jo Stinnet

This is the chart of Bobbie Jo Stinnet (December 4, 1981 – December 16, 2004). Bobbie was murdered by Lisa Montgomery in a case of homicide/fetal abduction. She was a 23 year old dog breeder who lived in Skidmoore MO. Her short life had an undeserved tragic ending.