Case Study 42

Georges Danton

This is Georges Danton (26 October 1759 – 5 April 1794). Danton was a lawyer and a politician during the French Revolution. He was member of the Jacobin Club and a close associate of Maximilian Robespierre (Case Study 34). He lobbied for a more even handed approach to the Royalty and even attempted to end the Reign of Terror by pronouncing it ended before it actually was. He himself became a victim, tried for accepting bribes in particular from the French East India Company. He had helped the company artificially raise it’s stock prices and sell it’s assets when it went bankrupt, lining his pockets with some profit. He was sentenced to the guillotine.

William Belknap

This is the chart of William Belknap (September 22, 1829 – October 12, 1890). Belknap was a lawyer and became a Major General during the CIvil War on the side of the Union. He was quite successful in battle and was appointed Secretary of War by President Ulysses Grant. He was part of the scandal involving the gold rush on Lakota land. He was later impeached for the Trading Post Scandal were he lined his pockets with kickbacks from government contracts on the frontier.

Martin Bormann

This is the chart of Martin Bormann (17 June 1900 – 2 May 1945). He was the Nazi Party chairman and Adolf Hitler’s personal secretary. He used his position to control the information to and from Hitler and manipulate events to his own liking. Bormann was one of the leading proponents of the ongoing persecution of the Christian churches and favored harsh treatment of Jews and Slavs. He committed suicide in 1945 but his remains were not found until 1973. DNA tests in 1998 confirmed the identity.