Case Study 67

Georg Stumme (July 1886 – 24 October 1942) was a Wehrmacht General for Nazi Germany during WWII. He commanded the XL Panzerkorps during Operation Barbarossa. In 1942 German plans got captured by Soviet forces. Hitler blamed Stumme. He was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.

He was released from prison weeks later and sent to El-Alamein to relieve Rommel as the commander of Afrikorps. It was certain the Allies would prevail and it wasn’t politically convenient for Rommel to be in charge. Stumme’s car came under fire and he is believed to have died from a heart attack.

J. Phillippe Rushton (December 3, 1943 – October 2, 2012) was a Canadian psychologist and author. He was a professor at York University, University of Toronto and the University of Western Ontario. He researched and taught racial relationships to crime and intelligence. His work is highly controversial.

He published 250 articles and authored 6 books, including a psychology text book. His research is now widely regarded as pseudo science. Some of his research was based on the study of brain size. He attributed low IQ and behaviors to racial genetic factors. He also served as the head of the Pioneer Fund, a white supremacist organization that promoted Eugenics and Nazi propaganda films. He died of cancer in 2012.

Infiltration is not only for governments, militaries and churches

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