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Sanders Takes On Manchin

Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) has called out Sen Joe Manchin (D,R,S,?-WV) for sabotaging President Biden and the rest of his party’s agenda (NY Post). Sanders is right on the money. Manchin has been doing this since he got in office. He stood in the way of the President’s Build Back Better plan, the For the … Continue reading Sanders Takes On Manchin

Oil For the Next Empire

Conquering the Middle East for control of oil for their future Empires war machine has been a priority of the Controllers of Mordor this entire lifetime. They started a new Shia Empire starting in Iran and fooled the US Neo Cons into dismantling the Sunni government in Iraq. This was to open the door to … Continue reading Oil For the Next Empire

Nukes in Belarus

Russian President For Life Vladimir Putin has promised to provide missiles capable of launching nuclear warheads to his lapdog Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko (Daily Beast). It’s an odd move really, considering they have the same Controllers. In fact it is more a political move than anything. Yes, I know Putin is much shorter than Lukashenko. … Continue reading Nukes in Belarus