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OPEC Helps Putin

OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) has decided now would be a good time to decrease production. This will drive up oil prices and should help Vlad Putin finance his expansionist incursion into Ukraine. Putin’s gods in Mordor have been trying to regain control over Ukraine since their boy Viktor Yanukovich was ousted in the … Continue reading OPEC Helps Putin

Kurds Attacked

Four Turkish soldiers were killed in Northern Iraq fighting the Kurdish PKK (al-Jazeera). Aspiring President for Life Recep Erdogan <<has troops in Syria and Iraq on his anti-Kurd crusade. Iran has launched missile and drone attacks on Kurds in the Northern Iraqi town of Koya, killing 13 (al-Jazeera). According to the article “Tariq Haidari, the … Continue reading Kurds Attacked