How to Move an Empire

The knowledge of reincarnation adds a few twists to our view of history. If you’ve been keeping up with my site you’re probably beginning to see some patterns. Let’s think about the last century a bit. After World War II the baby boomer generation was born. Baby boomers are the people born between 1946 and 1964. It is historically normal for large numbers of children to be born after a war. Many of the children born in this time period therefore, are people who died during or shortly after the war. This means in that generation are included a large number of allied soldiers and politicians, fascist soldiers and politicians, and civilians who died in the war or the death camps.

People generally follow a similar life path in following lifetimes. It makes sense that a politician would become a politician in their next life, situations allowing. Or that a general would become a general. a doctor a doctor and so forth. It makes sense that Eugenio Pacelli ( Pope Pius XII), or “Hitler’s Popedressed as the Pope when he played as a child. To move this pre-existing government as a unit to a new lifetime would be a way to take over the next country if they were to go together.

Taking control of and reorganizing their hierarchy means the Controllers have to find, kill and reprogram their lower echelon psychics. Having done this they can get those souls into a region where they can be managed. This is so they will not threaten the controllers place at the top. They also strive to get control over souls of those who have opposed them in the past (see Case Studies). They key idea is they want to be older than their followers. It’s the classic “did Abraham kill Isaac” question. It’s what Moloch was doing. It’s what the Pharoah was doing. If those who learn the basics of power live longer than they do, they will loose control. And there’s always the question of payback. To sell this to politicians the Controllers use their minions to do their dirty work or at least appear to. They can label them as evil.

This is accomplished through religion and politics. The established churches and governments have within them secret groups of people who have traditionally facilitated the Controllers. These groups are not always aware of the nature of those whom they are facilitating. Indeed the Controllers are quite capable of promoting their kind into and to the top of the hierarchies themselves. In this way they infiltrate and take over the institutions of a society.

They do not like societies with a large bureaucracy; there’s not enough of them to easily take over such nations. The Burning of the Reichstag, the events that changed Rome from a Republic to an Empire, and the conquest of the democracy of Athens by Spartan dictators in the Peloponnesian War were all efforts by these Controllers to rid the world of democracy. These changes make it easier for them to take over in their next lifetime. In the known history of mankind, democracies have never been prevalent or long lasting. A society built on a strict pyramid type hierarchy with sexism, racism and religious intolerance is easier for a small number of people to control. They aren’t going to tell you that while they are convincing you to help or let them takeover.

To accomplish the culling of their own after World War II they revved up the United States involvement in the Vietnam Conflict. This was opposed by John F Kennedy. After his assassination the newly appointed President Lyndon B Johnson instituted the draft. Prior to this the US had military advisors to prop up the South Vietnamese government. The Controllers were simply taking advantage of a pre-existing political situation. The idea was easy to sell to politicians as a way to take the steam out of the civil rights movement and provide a distraction from the assassination of Martin Luther King. It was also promoted as a means to stop the spread of Communism in South East Asia.

Our nation was heavily involved in this conflict for 10 years. During that time 58,318 US servicemen lost their lives. The draft was based on a lottery system that excluded college students. How hard would it be to make sure specific individuals or groups of individuals died, disappeared(1,587 MIA-originally 2,646) or were captured (766–778 POW)? How hard would it be to fudge on the lottery? How hard would it be to put a unit into an unwinnable situation? How hard would it be to keep someone out of the draft?

The Vietnam Conflict caused great social upheaval in our country. There were protests and groups of domestic terrorists and revolutionaries running around. There was a lot of great music people are still listening to. Remember the Controllers are socialists. The US left Vietnam not because of the protests, but because the Controllers had accomplished what they wanted. The Controllers never intended for the US to succeed in Vietnam. Saigon fell in 1975 and the North Vietnamese Army began harvesting souls. The NVA then assisted Pol Pot in a similar venture. If you thought you understood Marxism, guess again. (Bonus points for clicking on Pol Pot)