Psychology and Religion

They used to, and in some places still do, stone women to death. This was done in public to instill fear, make the victims seem weak and the perpetrators seam strong, to the observing masses. It’s always been extremely effective at quelling any rebellious thoughts the sheep may have. It’s simply soul harvesting and mass control. The gods love a good show.

With the advent of Christianity, made under the auspices of Jesus, they had to change things up a bit. He had saved Mary from being stoned to death for adultery. They simply labeled their victims witches and burned them at the stake instead. This was done after a mock trial and in public, of course, to impress the sheep.

When they formed Islam and purposely crafted it to oppose the Jews and the Christians. they went back to stoning. Maybe they fear catching their town on fire.

But hey, it’s a new day and age. We have socialism in the slot. In China I wouldn’t be able to write this as it is religious in nature. All the historical context would be gone. The Grand Inquisitor got his degree in psychology. Now it’s just public rape for the same affect. Same actors; different names and uniforms. They will be able to persist without anyone comparing their psychotic actions to the past.

They could always blame it on liberals if they can be programmed to romanticize it. They can blame it on black men and make a movie about it. Although they try to hide it or paint it in different ways, they do the same thing to boys and men.