I refer to reincarnation in my writings often. Sometimes in a subtle manner, sometimes not. It is something people love to argue about. I am not here to argue about it. There are plenty of websites and forums dedicated to the topic. I am not here to convince the reader. When it comes to reincarnation; there are people who believe, people who don’t believe, and people who know. If you don’t believe that’s your prerogative. However I encourage people to keep an open mind and read on. Here’s a link to the Wikipedia entry on the topic.

If you are a skeptic it is because there are powers in the world who know about it and have kept it from you through religion, superstition and false science. The reason they have done this is because it gives them a huge advantage over the masses of people out there. For examples of this see my page called Case Studies. Even in religions that do espouse to reincarnation dogma has been introduced to weaken the average person’s understanding.

The reason history repeats itself is because the powerful repeat themselves. Their influence is so great and their priesthoods so entrenched it gets reflected in history. Not only are the same things happening; the same people are making them happen.

The key technique they have used to maintain control over others who have ability and awareness is murder. They kill off those who would create social change or compete with their dominance. While they are between lifetimes and too young to influence society themselves there is a bit of a reset. They then reattain their skills ( at an early age) and go about undoing any progressive societal change. In this way they are usually older and more powerful than anyone who would resist. They also kill off their own so they can continue to be in charge. The killing of firstborn Jews by the Pharoah, the exploits of Moloch, the Spanish Inquisition and the Holocaust are all examples of this tactic used en masse.

They would love to erase that history. They have gone through many attempts at re writing it. Trying to make themselves, or at least one of their own, be the “good guys” in the stories. They do not like the original versions and that is why they hate the Jews. Their ability to influence the masses allows them to sew antisemitism. This is something they’ve done repeatedly and can be used to help track them through history. The rise of antisemitism is very apparent in the world today.

Marxism (Socialism and Communism) is believed by some of the Elites to be the solution to this problem. The criminalization of religion, they hope, will hide their existence and their influence on society. Centralization of political and economic power they hope will give them their Thousand Year Empire and allow them free reign over humanity. All they have to do is convince everyone it’s a good idea. Marxism was the bane of the 20th Century.

The failed attempt of World War II to create such a world, part Socialist and part Communist, forever at odds but actually ruled by one group, was a saving grace. The cold war of Gog and Magog failed for now, but they have not disappeared.