The Re-Awakening

First a little tale from the past

People start dreaming in the morning. This is when the body has lain still for enough time to actually relax and let go of various tensions that it incurred during the day. Once the body is relaxed it starts taking in energy and the mind (soul) becomes active.

During this time one’s mind, being untrained, is vulnerable to those who get out of their bodies. They can create dreams or what have you. One might be protected or get programmed; depends.

The big ones get big by drawing energy from sleeping people. This can be beneficial if they are using it to protect or teach for example. It is not good if they are using it to terrorize, brainwash or do other evil things.

A long time ago some people figured this out and decided to live a more nocturnal life. They even slept in coffins during the day so any out of body sorcerers wouldn’t bother them.

They tried to warn others about what they had discovered. Word of this got back to the local priests. They informed everyone that “vampires” that sucked blood (chi) from people were afoot. They told people these undead slept during the day in coffins. The only way to destroy them was to drive a stake through their heart, the priests said. This effectively diverted attention from themselves.

The giant rapists are all white. They are all human men. They are all wealthy or at least taken care of. They are generally educated. Some play the role of leftists or right wingers but they neither. Some are military officers, some lead militias. Some are politicians, some are priests and some lead cults. Some are businessmen, some are lawyers, some are professors some are doctors. Some are political propagandists and some are conspiracy propagandists.

The creation of this army of influential people relies in two factors

The first is their souls have the propensity to pursue wealth and education from lifetimes of positions in royal families. Those lives have been granted to them by the giant “gods” who are actually human sorcerers. This selection is based not on if they are sinners or pure of heart as modern Hinduism tends to believe. They were selected for servitude and obedience, many of them centuries ago.

Another is the efforts of the giant “gods” who are actually human sorcerers to guide them, protect them and interfere with or destroy their enemies. They are helped into their positions of power and authority. The giant “gods” who are actually human sorcerers make sure they have leverage on those they put into positions of authority.

The giant “gods” who are actually human sorcerers create followers for these puppet leaders by influencing their minds and directing them into service.

The giant “gods” who are actually human sorcerers who help re raise this army in new nations do not reveal their intentions to the host governments. They guide and mold in secrecy although they are quite noticeable. They have to be older to raise and mold. They must die and be re raised themselves to help the next rotation.

Did you know? Training oneself to learn another language and immerse one’s mind into a different culture is a strategy. This is to ensure they will be ready for the next lifetime in the nation they are assigned.

Here is an example of one such soul.

Guillaume Brune

This is the birth chart of Guillaume Brune, 1st Count Brune (13 March 1764 – 2 August 1815). He was a French politician and military officer. He served during the French Revolution and later during the Napoleonic Wars and was appointed Marshall of the Empire by Napoleon. He fell out of of favor with Napoleon for a time but was recalled to fight in the 100 Days War. When Louis XVIII took power he was killed by a mob of royalists and his body was throne into the Rhone River.

Heinrich Schleimann

This is the birth chart of Heinrich Schleiman (6 January 1822 – 26 December 1890). Schleimann was a German businessman and archeologist. He made his fortune by buying and selling gold during the California gold rush. He then made money through munitions sales to the Russians during the Crimean War. He enjoyed publishing stories that were largely proven as false accounts of events he did not witness or take part in. He “retired” and then went in search of the City of Troy. He excavated what was believed to be the site with dynamite, ruining much of the excavation. He smuggled out gold artifacts and had to pay a fine to the Turkish government. He died of an ear infection in Italy.

Richard Walther Darre

This is the birth chart of Richard Walther Darré (14 July 1895 – 5 September 1953), a German born in Argentina who became the Minister of Food and Agriculture for the Third Reich. He was a high ranking NAZI and SS officer. He was the author of the Blood and Soil ideology of German rights to the lands and agriculture and the necessity to displace the Slavic people. He made a propaganda movie on the topic. He was arrested in 1945 for war crimes and sentenced to 7 years of which he served 5. He died in 1953 of liver cancer.

Hugo Chavez

This is the birth chart of Hugo Chavez (28 July 1954 – 5 March 2013). Chavez was a socialist dictator who served as the President of Venezuela from 1999 until he died in 2013. He served in the military as a communications officer fighting Marxist insurgents. He found a stash of communist literature and kept them. In 1977 he established a revolutionary movement within the military called the Venezuelan People’s Liberation Army. He established links with Marxist revolutionaries in his country. 5 years later he created the Bolivarian Revolution Army. He attempted a coup in 1992 that failed and was arrested. Citizens began to see him as a liberator. He was freed in 1994 (after only 2 years, much like Hitler’s incarceation) and began a political campaign that ended up with his election as president in 1999. The Venezuelan economy had been in shambles since the early 90’s making the government unpopular. He helped fund the FARC and received assistance from Cuba. He slowly changed the laws and constitution to give himself power over the other branches of government. He put down a coup in 2002 and staved off a recall referendum in 2004. He blended all the leftists into one party that he controlled, He nationalized the oil industry and the broadcast companies into one state owned radio station. Crime, murder, kidnappings all increased under his regime. He was accused of human rights abuses. He died officially in 2013 of cancer or a heart attack.