Understanding Case Studies

Understanding the situations in the case studies, as with any of the weird phenomena we collectively call conspiracies, requires understanding the minds behind these activities. The people making these things happen do not think like most.

One criticism of my case studies is to say, “these people are all famous (or infamous). that doesn’t make sense.” Actually it does. The people causing these things to happen operate like everyone else. They read the news. So the people they are after they find like anyone else would. If they are present at the targets death they can often track them through to their next birth. It should be understood that these cases are the tip of the iceberg. There are many more people having their souls dealt with by other people with more power without their being aware of it.

They hold grudges to the next lifetime. Since people repeatedly follow their life patterns they know influential people will probably be influential again. To interfere with that pattern they try to use psychology. Affecting the life in childhood of their subject is to prevent the natural development. This can be used to stop them from being influential or use that propensity to their advantage. Using WR Hearst (financially successful enemy of the Nazis) they way they used Epstein (brainwashee) makes sense to them. He was way too close to the kickoff of the 2008 recession. He was attempting to get dirt on powerful people. If caught it can be blamed on the Jews, particularly because he was a Jew and was guided to go to Israel. They hate the United States for defeating their attempt at world conquest and ironically, many of them are here, now. Just follow your feelings.

In the case of Vernon Howell being killed by a parent is to enforce in the soul obedience to parents in the future. Odds are he will be the son of a Controller according to their plan at some time in the future. There are other examples of this strategy.

This leads to another point; not everything they make happen they do in their own house. With all the observers there are today they will not normally do things in their own house they would do in someone else’s house. This has been evolving. In the 60’s through the 80’s there were less people observing. The present Controllers were younger and their mentors less numerous than they. As the number of observers has increased and recognized these happenings they have changed their strategy. It is of paramount importance to them to appear benevolent, or at least righteous, to their own people. It is extremely difficult for people in these houses to figure out their own Controllers.

One must remember, just because something happens in a specific house does not mean the owner of that house was behind it. The reasons to make something happen in someone else’s house are varied. It could be to help that owner out (dirty deeds done dirt cheap) so he doesn’t have to look like the bad guy to his own. Alternatively, it could also be to make that owner appear guilty of a horrible event. The latter has three effects. The first sends a message to that owner (and his/her followers) to fear the Controllers that created the event. The second is to force that owner to accept blame for the event. The third forces the owner to go along with future plans of the offending Controller. This can be projected into the political spectrum.

An example of this might be the Death of Princess Dianna. If one were to cause the Princess to die in a car wreck people would immediately blame Prince Charles – whether he had anything to do with it or not. This is because he was her former spouse. And that is the point; her death, if intentional, may have been to set people against the Royal Family. They would then feed the conspiracy theory with propaganda. The same may be said of deaths of persons near the Clinton and the Bush families. Events littered with enough Numerology can be blamed on the Masons in the same way.

In the case of Nazis or other fascists from the past it is difficult to determine the intent. The Controllers do compete with each other for influence. A powerful controller may want to “own” or destroy a potential rival as in the case of Udo Von Worysch. They also compete with each other for usable souls. It is difficult to tell in some cases the power level of former Nazis. Also, how long has that particular soul been following their path? Not all of them are inherently bad souls but the subjects of brainwashing.

Mass murderers are an example of the above. Some may have been harvesting souls for many lifetimes. Some, like Adam Lanza and Ted Bundy may have been recently brainwashed. The reason to get Josef Mengele out of the picture may have been to appear righteous by using that soul for a particular cause. Also, it wouldn’t do to have him running amok and someone figuring out who he used to be. Most importantly; to get that soul into his “rightful” owner’s house. Molech wanted his man back.

When you think of these things and the importance of Astrology in finding people, think of the Zodiac Killer, and you’ll start to get into the heads of the Controllers.

Hopefully this clears up any potential misunderstandings before I add more case studies.