Plastic Everything, Everywhere

Plastic is some pretty handy stuff. It is made from from oil which is readily available. There are plenty of ways to modify it to get different physical properties. It can be molded and shaped in manufacturing processes to make a wide variety of products. Everything, it seems, is made of plastic.

The problem is plastic is now everywhere. Landfills, oceans, lakes, parks and in our bodies are full of plastic. Plastics leach chemicals that are harmful to wild life and humans. Food products or beverages become saturated with byproducts of manufactured plastic. Our bodies are filled with microplastics

One town in this Huffington Post article today; Penzance England, has achieved “Plastic Free” accreditation. This is a bid to show the world we don’t need to depend on plastics for everything.

Plastics are quite useful and material scientists are creating new types all the time. Some of these products are very beneficial. When it comes to the mass production of plastic containers for our foodstuffs and disposable everything, it’s become a environmental and health problem. Consider buying beverages packaged in glass bottles. Limiting the use of plastics as much as possible and recycling the waste is good for our health and our environment.