Hand Over Your Weapons Chuck

A group called the Gun Owners of America have demanded in an open letter to New York Governor Cuomo that the cops be sent to Senator Chuck Schumer’s residence and collect his guns. Citing the recently passed “Red Flag Law” and Schumer’s comments against two Supreme Court Justices as probable cause. An article from The Pluralist details the story.

The letter goes on to say “that gun laws are intended to be used selectively to suppress minorities, the politically powerless, and political opponents.”

It’s about time someone said that. The press addressing the issue from both sides of the fence seems unwilling to talk about what the 2nd Amendment is all about; it’s about protecting democracy from tyranny, same as the other original amendments.

90% of murders in the United States are committed with handguns, not assault rifles. In the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report for 2019, murders are down 6.2% in metropolitan areas. Part of a downward trend in violent crime (population factored) since the early 1990’s. The reason people are jacked up about gun control is a unprecedented, off the charts, abnormal spate of high profile mass shootings, that do not reflect the reality of gun violence in the US.

I cannot understand why anyone, right or left, would trust the government enough to hand over the right to defend themselves. For that matter, taking that right away from their children and grandchildren is even more insane. If I’m reading the Bill of Rights correctly, the Founding Father’s didn’t trust the government either.