Feet in Puget Sound

Feet float around in Puget Sound. This recent Vox article explains the phenomena as does this 2011 article from NPR. They both say it’s nothing to be alarmed about, feet float because they are in shoes that provide buoyancy. Bodies deteriorate rapidly in salt water full of scavenging sea life.

That’s great and everything, but the number of feet should cause a pause. There’s also this thought; where are the other feet? Isn’t it logical that at least some pairs of feet should be discovered? Another question is why did this start in 2007 and not before? If it is completely normal for feet to wash up in populated areas with a contained body of water it should have started earlier. Seattle and Vancouver BC have been around for a while. The population growth in the region dates back to the 90’s. Bodies wash up in Chicago, San Fransisco and New York, but not just feet. I’m sure there’s a logical explanation, there always is.