it’s #CENSORSHIP in the name of FEAR and #COVID

Fear is a powerful weapon. Terrorists use it to make people hate their government for not being able or willing to stop them. They learned that from the Koran. Moloc used it to get worshippers kill off children presumably in an attempt to stop Moses reincarnating, just as the Pharoah did before him.

In modern times fear is used to get people to give up their rights, and so they do. The inaptly named “Patriot Act” is just such a piece of legislation. A reaction to the 9/11 attacks; people can be detained without due process only to be reviewed by a secret court. The US government can be replaced by a secret deep government and it doesn’t have to be announced. What happened to my country?

Online platforms have been removing content they deem hurtful to the status quo. They have the right as they are a private company. It’s a shame however. One of the great things about capitalism is the ability of private individuals and companies to state opinions and share information. It’s what free press is all about. Free, privately owned press as opposed to having one state run news source like Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Soviet Union, or Chavez’s Venezuela. Open sourcing information on the internet has taken communication to a global level. This scares politicians who are used to feeding people whatever narrative they like.

In the interest of free speech and press; here is the video banned from YouTube featuring an interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits Ph.D. Dr Mikovits was a researcher of virology and has some interesting things to say about the current pandemic as well as the spread of Ebola and AIDS. The video is entitled Plandemic. You can make up your own mind, that’s what democracy is all about.