Are Psychic Powers Real?

That’s an interesting question. If you are reading this it means you are interested in this sort of thing. Instead of answering that question let’s play some mind games with a little bit of logic.

Hypothetically speaking let’s say psychic powers are real. If that is the case who are these people and where are they? Logically they rule your world. Bottom line. The leaders of big corporations, churches, government appointees would all have to be psychic. The reason: if they weren’t they would soon be replaced by someone who was because a psychic would easily outmaneuver any competition and rise to the top.

Elected officials could quite possibly be, but not necessarily. If so, it wouldn’t mean they were the most powerful ones. This is because smart psychics might be more interested in having an underling in the cross-hairs that often accompany political office. Why take the risk when you can sit back and pull the strings?

To become a powerful psychic does one need to be “pure” or a good person? Absolutely not. Would they want everyone to believe that to be the case? Yes of course. But in their religion there would be no baptism by John, one would have to confess their sins. In this way the more powerful would have dirt on their underlings. Of course if they didn’t have dirt they can make it look like they do. How you gonna burn those damn witches?

So, if you’re wandering around the tulip fields in la la land thinking it’s all good, guess again. Of course keeping yourself thinking it’s all good might keep the attention away. Hypothetically speaking of course.