(Case Study 3) #David #Koresh

Vernon Howell
Andrea Yates (mother)
Vernon Howell
Samuel Yates

The chart on the left is for Vernon Howell aka David Koresh of the Branch Davidians. We are all familiar with the ATF and FBI siege that began under the Bush Sr administration and ended under the Clinton Administration. Janet Reno, advised by William Barr, oversaw the affair that was brought to an end with the burning of the building and the death of all but 4 of the Branch Davidians.

The chart on the right is of Samuel Yates, second child of Andrea Yates. Andrea, having earlier been diagnosed with schizophrenia, drowned her five children on June 20th, 2001. She believed they were being attacked by dark spirits of Satan and only killing them would save their souls. Whatever possessed her?