(Case Study 19) #Kemper #Blomberg

Werner von Blomberg
Edmund Kemper

On the left is the chart of Werner von Blomberg, the notably tall Generalfeldmarshall, Commander in Chief of the Nazi military from 1936 to 1938. His political opponents Goerring and Himmler were able to get him removed from office by revealing to Hitler that his new wife was a former prostitute. He was given the choice to annul the marriage or resign; he chose the latter option.

On the right is the chart of Edmund Kemper, mentally screwed up serial killer and necrophile. He killed his mother and grandparents and 8 others. He is 6’9″ and has an IQ of 145. Quite a potential competitor.

I was asked the question, “Was Blomberg a necrophile?” The answer is; probably not.