Federales in the United States?

The killing of George Floyd and the resultant protests and riots has brought police brutality and systemic racism to the fore. Even in the 21st century it seems, men can’t treat each other as equals. The protests this time have been much different as powers maneuver through people for their own agenda.

One notable element to the protests are the white supremacists attempting to incite violence from the protesters. CNN Business ran this article on racists posing as ANTIFA (loosely associated anti-fascist groups) encouraging violence. President Trump and Attorney General Barr (story from Fox News) blamed the ANTIFA’s for the attempt. In another Fox News story AG Barr even wants to label anti fascist groups as terrorists. I guess the AG is against those against fascism.

Another notable difference in the protests comes from the police reactions. More people have died at the hands of police during the crisis and guess what; they are mostly black people. This Daily Caller article has the details.

An executive order has been initiated by the president entitled “Safe Policing for Safe Communities.” It forms a national database of officers and sets the ground work for nationally accreditation requirements of police forces. You can read it in this NPR story.

Is there an agenda behind continued police brutality? Are we on a trajectory toward a nationalized police force? It is true some police forces are corrupt. Imagine if we had a nationalized police force and it became corrupt? The Ordnungspolizei of the United States of America would surely be a step in the wrong direction.