Facebook Wrestles With Censorship

Facebook decided to remove ads from anything related to President Trump recently. It’s interesting to watch. Notably they banned The Epoch Times from their service. The reason cited; it’s biased toward the President and is financed by members of the Falun Gong movement.

There were several stories about The Epoch Times being biased toward Trump. What I’ve noticed is they support Trump when they feel he is using tools to hold China accountable for atrocities. They do not support Trump when he is not. The stories they run are not always supportive of Trump; it’s fairly balanced. What they do not support is the Chinese Communist Government.

The Falun Gong is a religion. You can call it a cult if you like but Christianity was called the same in pre 4th century Rome. They have 70 million adherents worldwide. Persecuted by the Communist Chinese Government for protesting for democracy they have taken the political fight to the world stage.

According to the Falun Gong and other sources people held in detention by the Chinese Government had organs harvested from them for sale on the black market. This has been labelled as “fake news.” However, this Reuters article is about a London experts panel investigating the topic (along with reported abuses against the Uyghur minority) by the Chinese government. They found the accusations to be true.

The other thing to consider is which side of history is Facebook going to emerge on? Have you ever heard of Witold Pilecki? He was a Polish officer who snuck into Auschwitz to get evidence of the holocaust. Guys a serious hero. Risked his life at a time when the world doubted the Nazis were killing millions in their concentration camps.

All news sources are backed by someone. They may be someone wealthy (Bloomberg), a company (Associated Press), or backed by a religion (Catholic News Agency). The Falun Gong is a legitimate religion and there is no reason they shouldn’t have their own news organization.

Using the excuse they are censoring anything pro Trump isn’t valid. Trump is the president, like it or not. If he says or does something; it’s newsworthy by virtue of his political position. The things he does and says are not agreeable with everyone but they need to be reported. In this way people can make an informed political judgement. Democracy posits that most of the time people are smart enough to make a good decision. Trying to make that decision for them through censorship is wrong and manipulative. If he says something stupid or racist, let him. It’s valid news.