Hong Kong’s (aka Beijing’s) Security Law

The imposition of the Chinese Communist Party’s new Security Law has resulted in the criminalization of protest slogans and symbols. The first two arrests made under the new law ( from the Epoch Times) were people carrying pro independence flags. The Communist Chinese, and Marxists in general, aren’t big on free speech.

The security law highlights efforts by the Communists to enforce homogeneity and conformance in their imaginary bee hive paradise. Turning people into willing servants of the state. Getting people to abandon their individuality and unique cultures in the name of harmony is the trick. Marx and Lenin created a pitch for absolute submission with a false morality to sell it to the masses. But hey, is that really anything new?

Confucianism is similar in it’s thesis. The children obey the parents, the mother obeys the father, the father obeys the mayor, the mayor obeys the governor, the governor obeys the emperor and everyone is happy; things are in harmony. Piss anyone off above you in the food chain and harmony goes out the window. You may end up in prison sans a kidney that got sold on the black market. Get it?

Justice has never been the result of conformity. Justice is achieved by those who break the rules; go against the status quo. Progress is the result of pointing out the flaws in the system and then affecting a change. The individuals who stand up and disagree affect change. The people who oppose and make noise are the ones who make a nation great. That’s why democracy works. That’s why laws in the US are designed the way they are; to allow those who dissent a voice. Forces at work undermining these laws and principles are not to be trusted.

Happy 4th of July.