Wonder Boy Michael Caputo

Michael Caputo, another of Trump’s Russophile. wonder boy buddies, is the director of Health and Human Services media affairs. Previously he worked for the Reagan administration as a propagandist and George Bush Sr’s administration as director of media services. He lived in Russia after the fall of the wall. There he worked as an advisor to Boris Yeltzin and for Gazprom media. After he was hired by Vladimir Putin to increase his “public standing” in the U.S.

Like Trump, he should probably delete his Twitter account. His tweets have been criticized as sexist and racist against Chinese people. This from a guy who is supposed to be a media professional.

Caputo served in the army and was discharged in 1983. He then enrolled in the University of Buffalo. In 1986 he was working for President Reagan helping to smooth over the Iran Contra affair. He was 26 years old.

In May of 2017 when news sources reported a leak of classified material to Russia, Caputo said the whole affair “… has all the markings of a coordinated, silent coup” (against Trump).

For an anti establishment ( ie, anti neocon) republican, Trump has appointed a lot of former Reagan and Bush advisors.