Michael Flynn’s Charges Dropped-Maybe

Judges in a mixed decision voted to force a lower court to overturn charges that Michael Flynn lied to the FBI. Michael Flynn plead guilty to those charges. This is an unprecedented move. It isn’t really reversing the charges made by the DOJ, but overturning a conviction. A conviction obtained by a guilty plea.

The case isn’t over yet. Judge Sullivan will be awaiting a ruling from the full panel of the DC District Court of Appeals before he let’s it slide. The whole affair is highly unusual. If judges are going to be political rather than professional, maybe judicial appointment term limits aren’t a bad idea.

Flynn is certainly smiling. He served the shortest term ever as National Security Advisor. Trump fired him for lying to Vice President Pence about the Russia affair. Now, he’s back in the limelight and according to Politico, “Trump allies push for a new campaign opening act: Michael Flynn.”

He’s had an amazing career. Flynn’s been a Lt General, the Director of the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) and even has his own company; the Flynn Intel Group. He got in a little trouble with that one too for failing to report as a foreign agent.

Never know, Flynn might be back on the road with Trump again soon, cheer leading him on and chanting “throw her in jail.” Ironic isn’t it?