Roger Stone’s Charges Commuted

On July 10th, President Trump commuted all 7 felony counts Roger Stone was found guilty on before his scheduled 40 month prison sentence was due to begin. This article from Politico states; “Trump’s commutation of his longtime associate’s sentence is fueling hope among some supporters of battling the “deep state” even more.” That’s an interesting thing to say. How does anyone know who is or isn’t in this deep state? How does anyone know if they are even willing partners? What makes them think Stone isn’t a part of this hypothetical organization?

Roger Stone is the mentor of William Barr, Michael Caputo and Michael Flynn to name a few. All of these guys worked for presidents or their campaigns back to the Reagan era. All these guys have had dealings with Russia that have been under scrutiny. They all got their start in politics at amazingly young ages.

Stone got his start back in the 60’s working on the Kennedy campaign. He switched parties after the assassinations and worked for “Tricky Dick” Nixon. He is one of the most politically connected men in D.C. Taking the time to read his bio will show the complicated political career he has had. In all fairness to Trump, commuting a sentence for an older man who has served as a politician isn’t that uncommon but it does make people feel their politicians are above the law.