Reincarnation and Chart Reading

This is a good time to pause and reflect on chart reading and reincarnation. Firstly, it’s important to understand just because someone’s charts match does not mean one has a match. It is necessary to compare pictures (or portraits) as well. Those don’t always match either, but with certain personalities they definitely tend to. The next thing to do is compare personalities and life patterns. If all three of these things seem to fit, you have a possible match. One might find it odd that many of these famous personalities tend to keep being famous. There are reasons for this, I’ll let the reader ponder what those may be.

The purpose of this post is to highlight the dogma associated with this science. Western religions deny reincarnation altogether. These include

  • Sumerian
  • Egyptian
  • Babylonian
  • Jewish
  • Greek
  • Roman
  • Catholic Christianity
  • Orthodox Christianity
  • Islam

One might notice the Pharoah’s magicians knew approximately when Moses was going to be born and where. This leads us to the question; did they believe in reincarnation yet hide it from the commoners?

In the posts and documents I have read about astrology and reincarnation I have noticed quite a bit of false information. It is interesting to me this would be the case in this day. I will attempt to show some of the basics here. This will be far from comprehensive but should suffice for the lay person.

The most important relationship is between the planets Mercury and Venus, That is to say their distance and orientation to each other. What sign they are in doesn’t matter. The Sun sign changes over lifetimes and is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter what sign any planet is in and notably Mars changes relationship every life time. This chart is Erwin Rommel’s from my last post. The distance between the two is 4 degrees, 14 minutes and 27 seconds. We don’t have the exact time of birth, just the day and place. I’ve chosen 12 noon as the time. This may introduce a slight error.

This is a hypothetical chart chosen to demonstrate some points. Could this person be the reincarnation of Rommel? A general look at the pattern of planets seems to say yes. We should disregard the position of the moon because it makes a full circle every 28 hours. Pluto and Neptune are almost stationary due to exceptionally long orbits so we also disregard them. In both charts most of the arrangement is held to 7 houses.

If we look at the relationship between Mercury and Venus the difference is 2 degrees, 42 minutes and 44 seconds. This could be within our margin of error because 1) Both times are estimated at noon and 2) the time difference of 72 years can introduce 1 degree of inaccuracy. There are other factors that can cause someone’s chart to shift I will not cover here. The problem with this chart comparison is the planets are opposite in relationship to each other. That is to say in the first chart Venus is following Mercury and in the latter it is leading. It appears on the left (as it is on top of the chart) in the first example, and on the right in the second. This is not a match.

This example is notable because I have seen false information that would call this opposite relationship a match.

This chart, that of Friedrich Fromm, is a good match to our hypothetical boomer. The difference here is 1 degree, 23 minutes and 7 seconds. This is closer to “Phil” than Rommel’s chart. The orientation is correct; Venus leads Mercury. Even if the distance were greater the orientation is more important than the relative distance. Again, 5 houses are clear of planets.

Hopefully this helps and thanks to those who have asked for clarification.