Genocide Against the Yazidis

The Yazidi people live in the disputed territories of Northern Iraq, Iran and Turkey alongside the Kurds. Yazidism is religiously distinct from Judaism, Christianity and Islam, having a Adam and Eve story more similar to that of Zoroastrianism.

Along with the Kurds, Yazidis were persecuted by Saddam Hussein and now, by ISIS. ISIS. or ISIL, is the Sunni movement that arose as a backlash from the US Iraq war or 2nd Gulf War. Presently their militias take Yazidi females as slaves and kill most of the males. This is a story of one of the survivors from NPR.

ISIS is a group based on apocryphal Islamic writings about the end of the world. ISIS members include former Sunni military members of the Iraq Army of Hussein. They lost their positions when the Shi’a majority of Iraq gained power. They are to keep their war going, promoting new leaders if one is killed or abandons the cause, until the end of the world.

Being able to compare Yazidi writings to those of the Tanakh, the Old Testament (and it’s versions) and the Koran gives insight into the evolution of religious thought and control. Genocide to wipe these beliefs and writings from history, similar to attempts to wipe out Judaism, is a tragedy. These stories from the Christian Post, the Jerusalem Post and the Independent talk about the events the Yazidi’s have endured and the blind eye the west has turned toward them.