Saddam #Hussein (#Case #Study 30)

On the left is the death chart Willhelm Gustloff (30 January 1895 – 4 February 1936). Gustloff was the founder of the Swiss NSDAP/AO. The NSDAP was the Nazi Party of German citizens abroad. He spent much of his time as a bookseller distributing the “Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion” and other antisemitic literature. He was assassinated by a Croatian Jew, David Frankfurter, in 1936. The NAZI government named a cruise ship in Gustloff’s honor.

On the right is the birth chart of Saddam Hussein (28 April 1937 – 30 December 2006). Hussein was the Socialist, Ba’ath Party dictator of Iraq from about 1979 until the US invasion in 2003. Hussein involved Iraq in a war against Iran (Iran-Iraq War) and the Invasion of Kuwait, kicking off the First Gulf War. During his reign Iraqi security services are believed responsible for 250,000 deaths and disappearances. Most of these efforts were for the suppression of Shi’a and Kurdish members of Iraqi society. There is evidence the Iraqi forces used blister agent against the Kurds and Yazidis in a systematic effort of genocide. The US invasion of Iraq in 2003 ended Hussein’s rule. He was executed by hanging for crimes against humanity ( for the 1982 massacre of Shi’ites) in 2006.


Wilhelm Gustloff birth chart