Supreme Court Vacancy

The Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed away. She was 87 years of age and was the oldest Supreme Court Justice on the bench. The cause was complications of pancreatic cancer; she had gone through several bouts with cancer in the past. Ginsburg was a judicial rock star who stood for the people. She championed women’s rights and issues, protection against illegal search and seizure and other issues. She will be missed.

Of the 8 remaining justices 3 are Democrats. Ginsburg’s passing was as sudden as Manson’s. It comes at a inopportune time; a few months before an election. Trump will be the one to nominate a candidate for the empty seat. If confirmed there will be 6 Republicans on the court. Appointments are for life.

The US Supreme Court wields a lot of power and influence. Over the past few decades a series of seemingly random events have ensured Republicans would dominate it. A partisan high court doesn’t fit with the ideals of a proper judiciary. The Supreme Court should not be a place of political bickering and pettiness, but a refuge of common sense and a force for democratic rule. That justices are members of political parties at all throws the wisdom of the institution into question. There must be a better way.