Hong Kong Protests on Zhōng Qiū Jié

Protesters took to the streets in Hong Kong today (CBC), a traditional Chinese holiday called the Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn Celebration. The protests were muted (South China Morning Post) because of a massive police presence in a show of official force. At least 74 people were arrested. The people of Hong Kong have been taking to the streets to protest increased influence of the Beijing Government on their city. A national security law was imposed on the city on June 30th that residents say has stifled freedom of expression.

The United States has added Hong Kong residents to a prioritized list when applying for refugee status (South China Morning Post). This move came when 12 Hong Kong dissidents escaped by boat to Taiwan to avoid prosecution by the Mainland Government for their activities during the unrest.

Meanwhile Beijing has had some success in pressuring US State Governments to bend to their will. California scrapped a human rights resolution denouncing China’s treatment of the Falun Gong for instance (The Epoch Times) . The Communist Chinese have also been ramping up their anti Taiwan propaganda (The Epoch Times).

The perceived lack of concern and even collusion of America’s left wing with the activities of the Chinese Communists ensures a healthy portion of Asian American votes for the right. Human rights violations need to become a bi-partisan issue. Standing up to tyranny has been an inherently American agenda we seem to have let slide. The growing technological might of their military and the creation of a surveillance state was made possible by US economic policies over the last few decades, See this related Blog Post.