General Leader of Mexican Cartel

American and Mexican agents have uncovered the identity of El Padrino, the leader of a narcotics cartel. His name is General Salvador Cienfuegos (BD News 24), one of the leaders of the governments fight against organized crime.

What a racket. This guy was a highly paid official in the war against dangerous Mexican cartels. These groups smuggle drugs, are responsible for most of the violence and take over entire regions of the country. Between 2006 and 2012 it is estimated 60,000 to 120,000 deaths and over 27.000 missing persons (Washington Post) had resulted from cartel activity. Although the war was officially declared over in 2018, no one believes it. Criminal activity associated with organized crime has continued.

CIenfuegos was taken into custody on Thursday at the Los Angeles Airport while traveling (Yucatan Times) and arraigned for money laundering and drug trafficking in New York on Friday.

Genaro Garcia Luna, head of the Mexican Federal Investigation Agency from 2001 to 2005 was arrested 10 months ago on similar charges. The Los Zetas cartel was run by a Mexican Army Colonel (trained at the Escuela de Las Americas) who had supposedly gone rogue. There is a definite pattern here. Were these guys operating with or without the knowledge ( or collusion ) of the government itself? Are there guys like this in the US Government?

This whole thing is just crazy. I mean that would be as crazy as saying the leaders of Antifa and the leaders of white supremacist militias are working together without their followers knowing it. Or maybe one of their buddies had implanted a device in Trump’s head and are controlling him too. Insane!