There are common threads in the Bible; stories that reappear throughout the history of the Jews. The reason is the people in them are reincarnating like everyone else. Unsurprisingly, other religions also have common threads. What’s interesting is when these common threads are shared. Yesterday’s blog was about the Binding of Isaac, and how it relates to the death of Able and Jesus.

In Greek religion there is the story of Cronus (Saturn), who’s father was Uranus and mother was Gaia. Gaia talked Cronus into castrating his father. After he did so Uranus threatened retaliation so Cronus killed him. He then imprisoned his brothers, the Gorgons.

It had been foretold that Cronus would be overthrown by a son of his own, so every time he had a child he would eat it. When Zeus was born his mother hid him away and gave Cronus a rock wrapped in a blanket instead. Zeus was raised by a nymph and came back later to overthrow Cronus.

In the religion of the Romans, Rhea Silvia had been ordered to remain a virgin by the king. She was the daughter of the former, conquered king and he didn’t want threats to his claim to the throne. She had sex with Mars and gave birth to twins. She was ordered to abandon them to the wilderness. The babes (Romulus and Remus) were left out to die but ended up being raised by a she wolf. They returned after growing up, took the throne and founded Rome.

Those gods sure love to kill their children! Especially when they fear retribution from them after they grow up. People reincarnating are the root of these stories and they aren’t always born into the same culture.