China Charges Democracy Activist

Tony Chung, a democracy activist from Hong Kong, was arrested Thursday (BBC). He was trying to make it to the US Consulate in Hong Kong where he planned to request asylum. Too bad he didn’t make it. He was charged today with sedition, a conviction can carry a life sentence. This guy is only 19 years old.

Mr Chung became involved in politics as a student at the age of 15 by helping to start Studentlocalism, an activist group supporting self rule in Hong Kong. This has made him unpopular with the government in Beijing. The Hong Kong police are not fond of him either. If I was a cop chasing him I would have run just a little slower. Maybe he could have made it to the Embassy.

According to the handover agreement made with the UK, the People’s Republic of China was to allow the citizens of Hong Kong the right to retain legislative control and the right to vote (Wikipedia). This “Basic Law” was supposed to last for 50 years, or until 2047. Protesters say the law has not been fully implemented and the new National Security Law has undermined this agreement. Take note; the communist regime in Beijing has no intention of honoring it’s agreements.

Hopefully the PRC will let this hero of freedom go rather than martyr him in prison for perpetuity.