The Presidential Transition

The votes have been tallied and Joe Biden has been declared the winner. Everyone is hoping Trump will gracefully accept defeat, give a nice speech of unification and be done with it. We have other things to worry about right now. There’s still the unfinished second stimulus bill. There will undoubtedly be more excitement between now and February when the actual transition takes place. It’s 2020 after all. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the Big T is going to go quietly.

Trump says the whole election is fraudulent and says the Supreme Court will agree with him (RawStory). We will see if he even gets his day in court, let alone wins. I can’t imagine he has any actual evidence. Or could he? Since 2000 there have been 1,113 convictions for criminal voter fraud according to the Heritage Foundation (Fox News). So it is possible his team has evidence of fraud. Would it be enough to throw the election results into his favor? Biden got more votes than any other presidential candidate. It’s going to be a difficult sell.

Harry Litman believes Trump’s lawsuits won’t make a difference (LA Times). As this lawsuit appears to be over mail in ballots I agree. Any effective manipulation of election results would have to be done by hacking vote counting computer systems.

Mitch McConnell is not criticizing the president’s claims ( That’s not too surprising. Rudy Giuliani is saying Trump will not declare defeat while there are active legal filings (The Guardian).

Maybe there’s a different reason for all this noise. People get tired of noise you know. They start to ignore it, even mock it. People have been flooding Trump’s new voter fraud hotline with prank calls (The Hill). Pretty funny stuff, until you consider that in the future, any voter fraud claims will be dismissed without serious consideration. The vote fraud claims about the Big T’s win by -3 million votes in 2016 was dismissed with tails of Russian meddling and flooding Facebook with fake claims. Of course now we know it was just the Electoral College, right? Anyway what am I saying; it’s all just noise.