I was talking to a friend about the Catholic and Orthodox churches and some of the differences. When the Romans decided to adopt Christianity as the religion of state in the 4th Century. This was because Christians were becoming numerous. The royalty knew soon they would grow tired of being told to worship the Emperor as a god and rise up and kill them all. Because the empire was divided into East and West, or because it’s easier to rule people when they think there are two entities at work, the two churches were formed.

I told my friend the Orthodox churches did not believe in the Immaculate Conception; that Mary was a virgin when she conceived. He replied, “that’s crazy.” I answered, “Is it really?”

Why is it that the Western Church(es) felt the need to say Mary was a virgin? It is not necessary. In fact it is highly improbable that she was. For most of Western History since the 4th Century, my saying that could get me convicted of blasphemy and possibly executed. That’s crazy. The truth is there is a reason for it, one for another discussion.

The point I’m trying to make is more about how people will believe the preposterous and not believe the obvious. People believe nonsense all the time. They believe lies. Some of these lies are believed because people have (or at the time had) no way to know they were lies. An example would be the lie that the earth was flat. We cut the church of the day slack and say they didn’t know either. It’s not true – they knew the earth was a sphere. They didn’t want anyone else to know.

People believe lies through fear. We’ve all seen a big man lie to a smaller man, or a woman maybe. The other person will accept the lie, and may actually start to believe it. It’s an abusive situation really. The victim will believe the person they fear. It’s similar to Stockholm Syndrome. The same is true of people who believe governments and churches.

We see this often with the news when the obvious truth doesn’t jive with what the government wants people to believe. When the truth scares people more than the lie they have been fed to cover it up. Here’s an example.

OJ Simpson did not kill Nicole Simpson. There’s no way he did it. The glove “found” in his closet by police did not fit his hand. The glove may have been found at the scene and planted by the police, if so there may be DNA evidence inside that will identify the real killer. The glove may have belonged to an officer who got blood on it and then planted it in the closet, in which case the DNA inside will identify that officer. Either way the glove was planted. Why? Because it didn’t fit his hand. There are plenty of people who would like to see a wealthy black man be made to look like a criminal. These same people would kill a white woman who had married a black man. They would also have no problem killing a Jew she was currently dating. Why hasn’t anyone collected the DNA since the tech has become available? Not only did OJ not do it, the real killer is still out there. The LAPD dropped the case.

No one likes this analysis. It’s easier to believe the lie that OJ killed her out of jealousy because it makes us all feel comfortable. More comfortable than the obvious; there is a cabal of white supremacists out there victimizing wealthy black people to make a political statement and there may be law enforcement officers involved. OJ is not their only victim. Related; NY Daily News

Did that make you feel uncomfortable? Good. Knowing the truth will make you feel uncomfortable, it may be better to pursue that feeling.

In past posts I’ve talked about Astral or Out of Body travel. I’ve also talked about souls being brainwashed between lifetimes. Fear is the way this is accomplished. Part of it is a big show on the other side; observable by the aware, the sleeping and the dead.

In the latter two cases the intimidation is recorded in the subconscious. It is such these observers will believe anything they are being fed by the ones doing the intimidating.

In the first case (those who are aware) it depends. They may figure out what’s going on, see through a lie or have an epiphany. If the one’s controlling the show realize this they will erase those people’s memory. This is done by terrorizing them; torture or rape. The victim will forget anything they experienced before that, as will many of the traumatized observers. The rape or torture is blamed on someone else to cover the real reason for the act. It is to erase the memory of those involved and divert the attention of other observers. Everything is an act.

Now comes the weird part. This is done in other ways. Chandra Levy was murdered by the same forces that controlled her from her last lifetime. Representative Condit was having an affair with her. Her controllers set the affair up. Her violent death not only revealed that affair but sent a message to the rest of the Government. Condit was not voting the way they had been told to. The superstitious observer would believe God had punished the two for violating a commandment. This is a ludicrous analysis, and it is nothing new.

As they can’t burn people at the stake anymore, they have taken to brainwashing people to commit murders. Some of this brainwashing occurs during the subjects childhood and there are other techniques involved. They like to use those they look on as enemies to do the dirty work. This destroys them as well. Their victims are programmed and used, usually as political pawns or playthings in their next life.

In fact, to play god one must get a lot of people to be intimidated in this way. Burning people at the stake, stoning them to death or torturing them in the Colosseum are ways to accomplish this. The Inquisition is an example as is the Holocaust. 10 million people, 6 million of them Jews, killed over a 20 minute period by gas while crammed into a closed space. When they reached the other side the Nazi gods (people actually) were waiting. In their next lifetime they would (or do actually) believe what they are told by those men. They believe this because of fear, they are brainwashed.

A person’s propensity to believe something absurd can be used as a yardstick by the programmers. Belief in the virgin birth is such a yardstick. Jesus’ mother not being a virgin wouldn’t diminish his teachings in any way. If some young person were to say “why should I believe Mary was a virgin?” a deacon or priest would know this individual might be someone to keep an eye on. A questioning mind can be dangerous to the rulers.

We know the main goals of the NAZIs were Socialism, Gun Control and a mass slaughter (and programming) event. Does that tell you anything about our country today?