Strange News Day Indeed

They are loosing their minds over this election thing. Attorney General William Barr announced he has found no evidence of election tampering that would affect the results (Newsday). We already knew that. The Republicans haven’t won the popular vote in the run for president since Bush Sr ran for office. The only rigging done would have been for their party to win. If you want the Dems to win; just don’t rig it.

Roger Stone is accusing Barr of being a deep state operative (Newsweek). That’s pretty funny. Barr is simply declaring the obvious, the people don’t want Trump in office anymore. Give the guy a break. He was Stone’s understudy back in the Reagan days. What’s he supposed to do, invent evidence? I think Barr sees the writing on the wall. Besides, he makes more money when he’s not being the Attorney General.

Michael Flynn‘s (also mentored by Stone) reaction takes the cake. He wants a declaration of martial law (Newsweek) and a redo of the election. He says the threat of socialism is too great. I’m not so sure he knows where the true threat is coming from. Or, maybe he does. Either way we don’t need to redo the election or declare martial law. We’ve had plenty of Democratic presidents and we still aren’t a socialist country.

These three guys (all former neo cons) have done wonders making the Trump administration look like a Looney Toons show. Trump, who ran on an anti neo con platform in the primaries, has quite possibly pushed most conservative voters back toward their faction. That’s something worth thinking about.