Maps for gods

Finding one’s way around can be difficult when one is out of their body. It is difficult to find buildings and places. Often times the more advanced ones use techniques to mark places they want to go to, or people they want to have access to.

One way of marking is to pull shifts, taking turns following the same person all day. Another is to have someone nearby who will get open to act as a beacon for their comrade or master.

The controllers have throughout time utilized their cults to help them play god(s). They have developed a way to make sure they would have access to the rulers and priests of nations and their families. This is to facilitate gaining control of nations by influencing rulers and religious leaders by having access to them when traveling out of body. They can also plant souls of trusted servants they can use (or even each other) to be born into royal families.

The technique is in architecture. Pyramids are an example. People marvel at pyramids because there are some in Egypt and some in South America. It’s simply that the controllers had the leaders build them. When Moloch got done giving his sermon on Sunday morning he went to his chambers, got out of his body, and went to visit Montezuma. The latter sacrificed conquered people to the former to be programmed. When Cortez showed up with 200 men the people from conquered tribes joined with him to defeat the tyrant in Tenochtitlan. Pretty slick right? Little did they know it was out of the frying pan and into the fire.

The Ark of the Covenant is another such device. It was a way for a controller to find the Jews and know he was talking to the king. The ark isn’t mentioned much in writings after Solomon. It is said in the book of 2 Macabees to have been walled in on Mount Jebo (Jordan). There are plenty of other theories. Needless to say after the Temple was built there was no longer a need for whomever was playing god to find the ark.

Grand palaces, Catholic and Orthodox churches, Mosques; all are similar examples. They also tend to like monoliths supposedly representing a phallus. Psychologists will say it’s to dominate the minds of the inhabitants with patriarchal power. Who knows maybe the controllers just like phalli.

Washington DC was designed by Pierre Charles L’Enfant, a major in the Continental Army from France. He was commissioned to design the city. As has been pointed out there is an array of symbolism in the street designs with different images and lines showing where the White House, the Senate, the House of Representatives and the Supreme Court are. It’s a big map. The Pentagon has an obvious and unusual design. All these are visible from above but there were no planes at the time.

There are similar designs found in Paris. L’Enfant shouldn’t feel too bad, lots of people got conned into revealing their locations while attempting to talk to god(s), who were really just people. Sometimes people forget they are hiding.