Bring Out Your Dead

Soul harvesting is a hard concept for most to grasp. The idea is to program people between lifetimes. There are several examples of this in the Case Studies section regarding reincarnated people.

It is important to understand the dead have no power. The controllers don’t want people to know this of course. Any ghost you’ve seen is more likely a person out of their body. The giant souls are also just human and very much alive, they have taken in more energy. The dark souls are just people using dark energy. The dark ones observed by Nazi soldiers were some of their own officers or leaders checking on things and taking souls off the battlefield.

The way travelers out of body attain and maintain more energy is to steal it, or vampire it, from living people. They can do this while people are asleep or awake. They can also affect sleeping peoples’ subconscious through dream manipulation. They play politics in such a way to create urban areas and don’t like people being awake late at night. People who stay up at night and sleep while hidden in the day to avoid becoming programmed human batteries controllers labelled as vampires, get it? The reason a priest could exorcise a demon is because it’s just a person, maybe another priest. If you can figure out his name…

So understand, to get energy requires a physical body or the know how to take energy from a physical body. The dead have no physical body for an extended period. They will probably not remember their past life and are vulnerable to suggestion. They have no power.

The souls can be gathered and taken away. This can be to make sure they forget, program them, and/or protect them. There are hints of this kind of thing all throughout religious writings. For instance from the Torah;

Bereishit 12:5 And Abram took Sarai his wife and Lot his brother’s son, and all their possessions that they had acquired, and the souls they had acquired in Haran, and they went to go to the land of Canaan, and they came to the land of Canaan.

John Wayne Gayce said he could control the souls of those he had murdered by burying them in his basement. He probably could. Those souls, and souls most serial killers collect, are actually intended for the use of those who control them. They have been turned into murderers to do the dirty work the controllers don’t want to do themselves.

The ruling sorcerers (I call them Controllers) like to set up societies, and religions, to facilitate the use of their techniques. This is social engineering. They want to be able to take over society in their next lifetime. This is facilitated by cults of the elite and loyal followers who were probably programmed between lifetimes as well. They like organizational structures that are easy to infiltrate and take over. They prefer monarchies and churches with one leader.

They also set up rules to facilitate their soul harvesting. A woman who drank alcohol got the death sentence in Babylon. One having sex out of wedlock got stoned to death in ancient Judaism. Jesus saved a woman from this fate; yes he knew. When the Romans invented the Catholic church they burned them at the stake as witches instead, just to get JC’s goat. The Muslims still do the stoning thing. You can tell in history when one or a few of these guys get in charge somewhere the women start dying.

The same is done with men and particularly boys. Being gay is taught as a crime in the Tanakh because it gave the controllers the right, in the eyes of society, to kill them. They are also valuable as political tools. Many of these sorcerers have a predilection for boys. This is fairly handy because one block to remembering past lives is being molested as a child. Another is circumcision; a traumatic experience very early in life to create a mental block.

II Shmuel 2:14 And Abner said to Joab, “Let the boys get up now and play before us,” and Joab said, “Let them get up.”15 And they got up and passed in number, twelve of Benjamin and of Ish-bosheth, and twelve of David’s servants. 16 And each one took hold of his fellow’s head and his sword was thrust in his fellow’s side, and they fell together. And he called that place ‘the territory of those slain by the sharp swords’ which is in Gibeon.

(see Boy Play or Bacha Bazi)