Psychology, Dualism and Socialism

Most socialists in the US today are reacting to what they see from the nation’s right wing (GOP) rather than having made a conscious, well thought out decision. The Controllers use emotions to affect people’s minds. Strong emotions leave people vulnerable to mental manipulation. It is then easy to insert socialism into the education system and get people to believe in it.

Most radical right wingers, the quasi-fascists, are also afraid. Other Controllers working with the aforementioned ones, have created this environment as well. One thing they are afraid of is people who are not white. The fear of white people no longer being in the majority is a driving force. The other fear is that of socialism. They know socialism is a path toward dictatorship. Fear creates a fight or flight reaction, theirs is to fight. They are then fed nonsense about Masons, Jews, and Black organizations. They are discouraged from supporting social programs even though those programs are not socialist. There is also anger toward the left; most people on the left are not socialists however.

Tell one of these guys on the right the Nazis were socialists and they argue that they weren’t. Tell one of these guys on the left the Nazis were socialists and they don’t believe it either. The former because he is afraid of non whites, the latter because they incorrectly think socialism would mean equality.

Who the Controllers do not like are moderates. Moderate Republicans like Senator McCain or moderate Democrats like Bill Clinton are demonized. The Controllers want a reaction. They want something to happen. They want a orgasm of violence so they can harvest more souls. Those souls will believe their BS next time just as the souls they harvested last time believe their BS this time. Probably they will be the same souls, on both sides of the fence.

Good Cop/Bad Cop is a interrogation technique. The Bad Cop takes the first turn and acts in an intimidating manner, makes a lot of noise, and in extreme cases beats or waterboards the subject. The Good Cop comes in later, offers coffee or a cigarette, presents himself in an agreeable manner. At some point the Good Cop will point out that if he doesn’t get the information he’s after the Bad Cop will be given another shot.

Is God the enemy of Satan or does Satan punish those who do not obey God? What about Ra and Anubis or Jupiter and Neptune? Beautiful and Goddamn MFs. The political picture in the US today is a fabrication that has been the life’s work of the Controllers.