A Missile in Nashville

On Christmas day a camper van owned by Anthony Warner blew up in the downtown area of Nashville TN. Now a video has surfaced of cam footage of the blast. The footage shows what people are saying was a missile. All the experts are weighing in so I’m going to as well. Was a missile involved in the explosion in Nashville TN on Christmas?

The critics of the cam say the smoke appears to be moving up away from the area right before the explosion. This visual effect is caused because the missile is moving toward the camera. The observer sees the smoke as the missile reaches visible distance. The trail behind the object comes into view after. The missile is traveling at an angle slightly toward the camera.

The way to check this is observe the film from 0:02 to 0:04. as the smoke dissipates you’ll see the top part is more diffuse than the bottom part. This indicates the direction of travel; down.

That’s enough to hurt one’s head. Let’s hash this out in a logical fashion.

First what we know of Anthony Warner is he was a cyber security and computer guy. He had a business installing alarms for residential and business use. We know he was into the 5G conspiracy theory. A quick check of all the “acceptable” sites reveals the theory is about 5G presenting a health risk. A quick check of the rest of the web tells us a different story. The 5G Conspiracy is about the growing surveillance state and the way this new network will be able to spy on American citizens.

Warner parked his van in front of the AT&T building in downtown Nashville. According to the police the van was playing a message warning people to stay away from the van because it was going to blow up. Some officers then went around telling people to leave. There was a detonation and 3 people were injured. According to reports Warner was in the van and is no longer available to explain his actions.

So what about this missile? Why the warning? Why was he still in the van when it exploded?

One theory is the missile was aimed at the AT&T building and missed. Doubtful. Those things don’t miss. Is it possible the story by the police about the warning is a hoax? Not likely, they are city employees. Just police officers doing their job who don’t work for the fed. Were there explosives in the van? He may have been parked in front of the telecom giants offices for some other purpose. If so why the warning? Did he know he was going to be zapped with a rocket?

What if he went there to blow the building up. He was involved with some people, or guided by an unseen hand, to acquire explosives and was planning on an attack to bring attention to the 5G theory. Maybe not so much guided but kinda guided kinda forced.

What if he realized the explosion would hurt innocent people so he built in the warning signal. He planned it for Christmas when no one would be in the building. He probably didn’t have enough experience in explosives to know the damage to the building would be minimal.

What if the guiding hand wanted people to be injured to discredit the theory. What if the guiding hand didn’t want the building to be damaged. What if the guiding hand wanted to get rid of Warner as well. It’s possible he knew something they didn’t want revealed. He may have known something about 5G and/or something else. So, someone working for the guiding hand rocketed his van before he had a chance to leave, hoping to inflict some casualties and eliminate it’s owner.

On August 7.1998 the US embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya were simultaneously attacked. Truck bombs went off outside the buildings. Both bombs inflicted heavy civilian casualties but caused little damage to the embassies or their staff. President Clinton’s administration blamed Al-Qaeda and it’s leader, former CIA asset Osama Bin Laden. At the time radical Islam was on the rise in North Africa. After the attack interest in terrorist groups and extremist militias fell drastically; mission accomplished.

Who has access to precision guided missiles in the United States? There are a few possibilities.

  • The US military. It is doubtful the US military would be involved in something like this
  • The NSA and the CIA
  • Privately owned military contractors like the Fresh Prince of R2. There are plenty of other private contractors.
  • Some shmoe who stole a drone and a hellfire missile. Probably not possible.

There’s an explanation that may stand the test of time, new evidence and testimony. Till next time, keep your powder dry and your snifter full.