Speaking of Buffer States

The kingdoms between Egypt and Babylon were buffer nations. The stories in Genesis are about the people from those little countries. The gods they experienced were sorcerers from Egypt and/or Babylon. Moloch who demanded the sacrifice of first born children in the land of Canaan for instance. He was probably a priest of Ra or a member of the royal family. The bull figure is to set up blame for whomever the bull is.

The stories of Sodom and Gomorrah relate to Lot (residing in Sodom) and his family; wife and two daughters. He takes in 3 male strangers, angels sent to investigate the city. Men surround the house and demand that Lot send them out to be raped. He refuses and offers his daughters instead. The men become angry with Lot for judging them and break down the door. The angels strike the men blind and tell Lot to take his family and flee and not to look back. His wife looks back and is turned to salt. The city is destroyed by fire and brimstone. Gen 19:29 “and He overthrow those cities, and all the Plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground.”

So what happened here? What we know from observing the psych shows going on is we may or may not be reading the whole story. Abraham ostensibly asks the Lord for the town to be saved. He won’t be taking any of the blame because of this recorded “conversation.” We know the most probable source of “fire and brimstone” is flaming arrows and projectiles from a siege army. We know Abraham spent a lot of time in Egypt getting to know the Pharaoh.

We know puppet masters can make us think just about anything is going on they want us to, including rape. We know Lot’s wife probably didn’t actually turn into a pillar of salt, it must be a metaphor for something else. Possibly she went back to reside in the city and Lot was not to join her. We know Abraham could have had some of his men residing in the city or entered posing as inhabitants. We know the point of religious execution of gay men is so their souls may be owned by gay priests or warriors of Sparta.

We should also be aware of the fact that some big ones can easily fool people in such a way observers think they reside in a town they actually do not. In other words travel from where they actually live to play big psychic lord in a far away target location. The people in the town might even start to believe those guys reside in their town or nearby. The men surrounding the house, if out of their bodies, may have been from elsewhere or simply being controlled.

Was the whole story a show, simply a charade to justify the destruction of the cities of the plains by the Egyptians with the collusion of Abraham?

The theme of this story is repeated in Judges 19-21 in the city of the Tribe of Benjamin.