The Real Effect of Gun Control Rhetoric

Right now the majority party in both the House and Senate is the democratic one. That’s pretty rare. The last time that happened was the 107th congress (2001 – 2003). It’s an opportunity for the left to advance some of it’s agenda. Too bad it isn’t going to last.

Most voters in the United States are not registered to a party. They do not take part in the primaries. According to Gallup poling approximately 25% of voters consider themselves Republicans, 25% Democrats and 50% are independent. To win an election a party has to sway the vote of the independents. Often times voters will, particularly at midterm elections, vote for congress members who are not in the same party as the President. I believe it’s because they want to temper the power of the executive.

One sure fire way to make sure that happens is to start stumping for gun control. Most Americans, including many who lean to the left, do not support gun control measures. That small group of elite democrats needs to wake up and figure this out. Is stumping for gun control appealing to the base? Sure. It just doesn’t appeal to anyone else. Any gun control measure challenged in the current supreme court will fail anyway. There is no point in pursuing the matter. It’s an volatile issue. It will create a Republican dominated congress in 2 years that will hamper progress on the many other important issues that need to be addressed.

We have economic policies that have been playing hell with the middle class and the national debt. We have record numbers of homeless and unemployed, problems that have been compounded by the COVID-19 virus. Our foreign policy has alienated some of our allies and been to the benefit of some of their, and our, competitors. We have seen negative progress on environmental issues. We are allowing China and Russia to sling their weight around in a world trying to be free of their influence. We have people arguing for internet censorship and foreign powers trying to hack our systems. We are bleeding our technological edge to tyrannical nations building dangerous military machines.

Drop the gun control rhetoric. Don’t use executive orders to try to push through an ill advised agenda that most don’t want anyway. Focus on what is important and make it quick – you’ve only got two years.