A Common Thread and Gun Control

You’ve probably noticed the Controllers use people they deem enemies to do their dirty work, often to attack other enemies. A little brainwashing and a handler can get people to do some pretty weird stuff. Let’s spend some time to analyze what we’ve learned.

Jeff Weise was a Ojibwe boy who shot up his school in Minnesota. He killed 9 people. According to people who knew him he idolized Hitler (part of the programming). Our reincarnation research shows he was Joseph P Addabbo, a political opponent of the first Neo Con President, Ronald Regan, particularly in the realm of defense spending.

John Allen Mohammed of the Beltway Shooters was Barthelemy Boganda, the first prime minister of the Central African Republic. He formed a grassroots movement against the French colonization called the Movement for the Social Evolution of Black Africa (MESAN) in 1949. Case Study 28 is about his cohort.

The Columbine High Shootings were a pair of boys that killed 12 students and one teacher then committed suicide. One was Eric Harris who had been a Palestinian terrorist who was under CIA protection. Ostensibly he was informing on a terrorist organization. The other was Dylan Kiebold who had been one of the first to interview witnesses to the JFK assassination. This is detailed in Case Study 11.

Lee Harvey Oswald (Case Study 36) was a guy named Bart de Ligt, a Dutch pacifist Calvinist minister who denounced Marxism and Fascism. He got used to assassinate or possibly take the fall for the assassination of, President John F Kennedy.

The common thread, the same guys did all of this to these people’s minds. All these guys are viewed as having been enemies in their past life. Mull that over and think real hard about gun control. Is it really a good idea to condemn the future of this country, and future generations, to the threat of tyranny? They were obviously the enemies of fascists.

It should be noted that if one controls, or at least has influence over, the right and the left the time to disarm Americans would be when democrats hold political power. It would be out of character and appear too suspicious if it were to happen when the right holds power.

The supreme court is presently 9 members. 5 were appointed by Neo Cons, 1 is a Trump appointee and the other 3 were put in office by democrats.