GOP Opposes Biden’s Nominee to Head the ATF

Republican senators are trying to get fellow senators to oppose President Biden’s nominee to head the Bureau of ATF (Washington Examiner). The nominee, gun control advocate and ATF agent David Chipman, made false claims about the raid on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco TX (New York Post).

The GOP is against the appointment not only because of Chipman’s stance on gun control but his involvement in the Waco raid that killed 76, including 25 children and 2 pregnant women.

Gun Control Advocate

The Republicans often blame the Democrats for the siege gone wrong. It is doubtful the ATF calls the office of the president every time they serve a warrant so……

From prior posting;

The ATF raid was planned during the presidency of George Bush Sr. It wasn’t executed until after Bill Clinton took office (Jan 20, 1993). Tricky huh? Bush appeared with Clinton when addressing the nation on the topic of the standoff. Several Bush advisors and personnel remained on staff to conduct the operation. His attorney general William Barr wrote the legal justification for the siege. General (then Colonel) William Boykin advised Janet Reno. The FBI hostage rescue team was headed by Richard Rodgers of Ruby RIdge fame. The current nominee to head the ATF David Chipman, who has notably made some false statements about the siege, was an agent involved in the affair. At the summary of the Congressional Hearing on Waco (1995) Senator Sonny Bono was in attendance. Senator Schumer announced there was no wrong doing on the part of the government. Bono decried the results and said “this is not over.” He died in a skiing accident in 1998.