The Iran Iraq War

Let’s talk about the last two posts I put up. The past lives of the Ayatollah Khomeini and Saddam Hussein. Both were German, one a Nazi party member and the other a nobleman. This is not a coincidence. Their souls were put into those nations so they could take over the respective countries.

Strange claim? They did take over the nations, both with the help of astrally projected guiding hands, and the CIA. Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath Party was assisted by the CIA (wikipedia). They helped a failed coup against him in 1996. They also helped the Ayatollah Khomeini return to Iran from exile in France (wikipedia). Both times the US figured out they had been duped. But duped by whom? The same guiding hands that helped those two take over.

What’s this telling us? We know some controllers can put people souls in the place they want them to reincarnate, right down to the parents they will have. The controllers who did this were German in their last lifetime. We don’t know if they lived past the end of the war or not. Either way they passed the torch off to other psychic Nazis who helped these guys after the initial controllers were dead.

Why these two guys? Because they were both politically experienced in past lifetimes, they were loyal and they were very down. Because they could be guided into positions of power.

After the Iranian Revolution the two were involved in the Iran Iraq War. An 8 year long war fought between the two nations until a UN brokered cease fire was reached. The US helped Hussein during this war.

The two leaders had the same psychic boss. Let’s face it, Hussein and Khomeini didn’t fight on the front. The war benefited both leaders and their boss in that a lot of people died. They could send people who might have been dissidents to the front lines to eliminate them.

The people who died would reincarnate, probably in their original countries. Iran was a fairly liberal country under Shah Pahlavi. Women weren’t required to cover their faces and hair. The people wore western dress (Business Insider). These same people were living in a severe Muslim Theocracy after the revolution. Having them die and be reincarnated would mean they would no longer remember that past. They would grow up “used to” the new form of government. They would no longer be prone to revolution against the Ayatollah.

Pretty slick right? Wrong; it’s old school. There are examples of this strategy in the Old Testament and the French Revolution. Karl Marx’s “The Communist Manifesto” details a plan to carry out the same technique after a revolution; but the true intent isn’t spelled out. According to Marx a true communist utopia cannot be achieved until the generation that experienced life before the revolution was dead. Marx’s plan has been carried out in Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nazi controlled Europe and the Soviet Union among other places.

Another thing we can see here is a plan to put certain people in leadership positions in different nations that can be dictated to by certain controllers. This is an effort to manipulate political events through the use of seemingly disconnected individuals. The Iranian Revolution has facilitated Houthi’s in Yemen, Hamas and Hezbollah. They are trying to destroy US allies in the Middle East, notably Saudi Arabia and Israel.

The failure of the Arab Spring Uprisings should be mentioned. It’s much easier for controllers to play god to superstitious fanatics than to the educated.

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