Manchin Suddenly Takes Over the Democratic Party

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin started out refusing to break the Republican fillibuster on a bill designed to stop fascist style state legislation that would limit voting rights. Some states have passed bills that would legitimize the strategies used in Florida in the 2000 presidential elections. The laws are designed to limit the influence of minorities and leftists.

The Democrats’ For the People Act will allow for early, mail in voting and loosen restrictions on ID requirements. Joe Manchin sabotaged the democrats efforts to end the Republican fillibuster and somehow the gumby brain dems now consider him to be some sort of hero of bipartisanship. Meanwhile, he and Moscow Mitch McConnell staging a charade of negotiations have allowed the fillibuster to continue. The longer this act is allowed to go on the less chance there is of protecting voter rights for We The People.

Pull your heads out Dems, break the fillibuster and pass the bill. You have until the midterm elections to forward your agenda.